Partner Learning Center

In order to retrieve your tracking link, banners or promo emails, please log in to the system. Once you are logged in, you can follow the instructions below.

Where do I find the promotional material and my links? Click on Promotions, then Banners & Links.


Do you just need your tracking link? Once you are in the banners and links section, scroll down and click on Direct Links on the left hand side. Be sure to copy and paste the whole link.


Are you promoting on Social Media? You can either copy and paste the same link into your social media update or click on the Facebook or Twitter icons to automatically share your link. You’ll just need to add in the text for your update.


Want to find the promo material you need faster? Once you are taken to the banners and links page, you can either use the filter by un-checking what you don’t need under Banner Type or choosing by banner size if you are looking for a specific banner. Make sure you click on Apply when you are done making your choices.


You can also scroll down a bit further and click on the categories on the left hand side. Each of these categories may also have sub-categories so be sure to expand if you don’t see what you need.


Once you have found a banner that you would like to use, click on Get banner code. You will then see the HTML code for that specific banner which includes your tracking link.


But what about emails? We try to provide you with both HTML and text forms of our promotional emails, though there will be times when we just have the text version available. The Banner Name will denote the version. If your email client accepts HTML, find the particular email you would like to use and click on Get email code. You can then copy and paste the HTML code and information into your email client. If your email client is text based only or you personally do not use HTML, please use the Text version. You can copy and paste the email straight out of the window WITHOUT clicking on Get email code. This will ensure that your email contains your specific tracking link.
Please note: The best converting emails are those that are personalized to your particular list. Feel free to use the core information from these emails to create your own.