The Hay House World Summit is back again for 2014! This years Hay House World Summit packed full with new interviews, exercises and practical advice covering a multitude of topics.

If you are interested in promoting this amazing online event or have any questions about this promotion, feel free to contact us. Keep reading below for more information about this promotion.

How it Works:
We are running the Hay House World Summit a little differently this year! When you send your audience to the site they will be able to watch all 3 pre-launch videos for free without registering with their email address.

Your audience will then be able to choose their level of participation with 2 levels of access to the Hay House World Summit interviews. Click here to check the schedule to see which interviews will be available with the Free or Premium Registration.

Free Registration
– Limited access to 30 first class audio lessons for free beginning on May 31 and ending on June 9.

Premium Registration – Just $7 to upgrade
– Full access to all 100 audio lessons
– Worksheets that accompany individual lessons
– 20 Movies to stream
– Plus, a portion of their premium registration fee will be donated to the Hay Foundation.

If you would like to see a visual representation of the 2 types of registrations being offered, please click here.

Promotional Schedule for Hay House World Summit 2014
May 5 – May 30: All 3 pre-launch videos will be available throughout the pre-launch period. You will be able to send traffic to each video individually or to the main page. All 3 will be available at the same time to allow you flexibility in scheduling your promotions.

We’ll have Iyanla Vanzant speak on Forgiveness, Louise Hay and Robert Holden talk about your “Inner Ding,” and Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks speak about manifesting.

May 31 – June 9: There will be 10 days of interviews. Click here to see the full schedule of speakers.

Time Each Summit Day Starts:
12:00 AM Eastern Midnight (9:00 pm Pacific the day before)

Closeout Week
June 10 – June 16

Summit Replay:
Tue, June 10 – Thur, June 12
Registration for the event will be open throughout the event itself and into the replay days that start on June 10 and end on June 12.

Live interviews:
Tue, June 10 with Louise Hay – 10am PST & Thur, June 12 with Wayne Dyer – time TBD

Sales Close
Mon, June 16 at Midnight.

If your audience would like to purchase the Hay House World Summit for their personal library, we will have 2 packages to choose from.
Download option: $197 ($98.50 commission)
Physical option: $397 ($198.50 commission)

With an array of experts, we’re sure this year’s event will be a big hit yet again! As with last years event, commissions will be 50% of sales on all Hay House World Summit packages made through your affiliate link. You can read through the FAQs to better understand how sales are attributed to you.

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If you are interested in promoting this amazing online event or have any questions about this promotion, feel free to contact us.

Program Updates

Interviews next week (and final Registration leader board)

While I was taking a quick break from weeding my garden yesterday, I ran across a post about the Hay House World Summit that really stuck with me and before I go into the rest of the email… I’ll just leave it here for you to ponder: As I’m listening to the Summit speakers, I […] Read more…

We made it!! (leader board)

As of writing this, there are only 6 hours left of Day 1! And the best part? There’s still 9 more (if you don’t count the replay! yeah!) to go!! Did you get a chance to listen to any of the interviews today? The comments on the interviews themselves and on in the Hay House […] Read more…

Who’s excited for 12:01am EST?

I think we are all a bit giddy with excitement for tonight! The Hay House World Summit begins at 12:01 am Eastern on May 31. For those of you in the Pacific time zone, that’s 9:01 pm tonight!!! If you are anywhere near or east of the Prime Meridian, what a great way to wake […] Read more…

So close!!

That’s right! Just 2 more days! Well, I guess just 1 since this one is nearly over in the eastern time zone…. We still have some affiliates waiting to mail Friday and Saturday. It’ll be interesting to see how that shakes up the leader board! Just a quick leader board for you today, you can […] Read more…

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